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What is Scootour

In the case of energy conservation and the rise in oil price, electric energy may substitute gasoline energy then become the main transportation in the future. We wish to extend the electric scooter to all the nation and we also expect to achieve the reduction of global carbon.


We found that many tourists couldn’t have a blast because they have to walk for a long distance. Scootour set up several locations to provide the service with renting the electric scooter. In the future, Scootour will accomplish the purpose to give you best quality.

Free Battery-Exchange

We provide free battery-exchange service so that you can enjoy the electric journey without worry about battery.

Terms of Service

1. We provide two options of electric scooter: Without driver license and need a driver’s license. Please bring your identity and driver’s license when you pick-up your scooter. 2. Foreigners are required to use the International driving permit to rent the electric scooter. 3. If you want to cancel the order booked online. The deadline is two days before you pick-up the scooter.